Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lavezzi the nightmare

Napoli defeated at home Chelsea 3-1 in 1/8 final of the Champions League. Goals for the Azzurri team won Lavezzi (two) and Cavani, but as it turned out only to honor a hit for The Blues won the Juan Mata.

The charges Andre Villas-Boas had a good and hopeless moments. Weak start, then a happy goal, and by the end of the first half domination of Napoli and their 2-1 lead. In the second half of the image of the game has changed. Guests have shown themselves quite unlike football, played pleasantly to the eye, and the idea quickly. Ultimately, however, did not achieve the goal, as did the home team. The match is not optimistic before the second leg clash at Stamford Bridge.


  1. I'm very big Chelsea fan. Second match will be very hard. :(

  2. Andre Villas-Boas should be outplaced!

  3. Chelsea will win on the Stamford Bridge